Atte Harjanne – Climate action, science-based policy and liberal values

I’m Atte Harjanne, a 38 year old member of parliament and member of Helsinki city council. Currently I serve as one of the vice chairs of the Green partyin Finland and lead the Green parliamentary group in the parliament of Finland. Previously I worked as a researcher studying economic and social impacts of climate change. 

In politics I have two overarching goals. First, I want to bring more scientific and expert knowledge to politics and decision-making. In the face of the social, economic and environmental challenges of today we need to base our policies on knowledge, not images. While policy-making is and should be based on values, it needs solid science and research to build on. 

Second, I want to build bridges and create shared understanding across different perspectives. Too much of current politics is about playing zero-sum games and collecting points instead of actually making the world a better place. 

Feel free to contact me for more information on these themes or my views on other issues! You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.