Atte Harjanne – Climate action, science-based policy and liberal values

I’m Atte Harjanne, a 34 year old researcher living in Siltasaari, and a member of the City Council in Helsinki. 

In politics I have two overarching goals. First, I want to bring more scientific and expert knowledge to politics and decision-making. In the face of the social, economic and environmental challenges of today we need to base our policies on knowledge, not images. Second, I want to build bridges and create shared understanding across different perspectives. Too much of current politics is about playing zero-sum games and collecting points instead of actually making the world a better place.

Regarding the next parliamentary elections, I can promise two things:

  • I am a climate candidate We need efficient science-based climate policy, and we need it fast. In the energy sector we need to scale up all low carbon sources of energy (wind, solar, geo and nuclear) both in Finland and globally. We need to electrify transportation and heavy industries, and we need to reserve as much forest growth as possible to act as carbon sinks.
  • I defend the role of science and research in the society and politics. While policy-making is and should be based on values, it needs solid science and research to build on. 

Feel free to contact me for more information on these themes or my views on other issues! You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.